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Isle of Harris Distillers

“A distillery set in the heart of Harris” Harris Landscape1

Isle of Harris Distillers

“The spirit of the Scottish Outer Hebrides” Harris Landscape2

Isle of Harris Distillers

“Where life takes time” Harris Landscape3

Isle of Harris Distillers

“Working for our island community” Harris Landscape4

The Social Distillery

The Isle of Harris distillery opened in September 2015 and was built with Harris and its inhabitants at its very heart. The first distillery on the island, it sits just yards from the harbour at East Loch Tarbert and seeks to represent the true spirit of our local community for everyone who travels over land or sea to visit.

With the goal of strengthening a fragile local economy through employment and the creation of world-class products, the distillery also seeks to convey the warmth and beauty of the island through its wider work.

Deeply focussed on connection, the distillery can be found telling its story online, across social media and through its weekly newsletter, delivered directly from Harris every Friday evening.

The remote Isle of Harris can be found off the far northwestern edge of Scotland, an island in the Atlantic Ocean, an elemental place full of contradictions: "wild and gentle", “warm but cool", "historical, yet full of life."

The Isle of Harris

There are few places on earth where time spend around the fire can feel as hospitable and invigorating as in Harris. Through thousands of years of history, Harris offers visitors the warmest of welcomes and the finest of ways to spend some precious time. Be it long walks along stunning beaches, visiting wonderful historical sites or simply discovering the world-famous Harris Tweed cloth, those who make the journey to Harris are always tempted to return.

It is in our island nature to create spirits that we, and future generations, can be proud of and which will survive the tests of time.

Isle of Harris Gin

Juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, cubeb pepper, bitter orange peel, licorice root and cinnamon come together to define our gin’s flavour. But it is local Sugar kelp which gives the subtle coastal notes and complexity which underly the perfectly balanced taste. This key botanical ingredient is gathered by hand by a local diver from the underwater forests of the Outer Hebrides and truly gives our gin its uniqueness.

Our Isle of Harris Gin has won several awards including:
International Spirits Challenge - Best new individual product design Supreme Champion; Harpers - Supreme Champion; German Packaging Award 2016; Dieline Awards - 1st Prize in the category spirits; Spirits Business Awards - 1st Prize in the category of spirits and Pentawards - Gold Award 2016.

The Hearach - Isle of Harris Whisky

‘Hearach' is the Scottish Gaelic word for a person who comes from Harris. It is also what we have chosen to call our single malt whisky and we cannot imagine a more appropriate name. Every drop of ‘The Hearach' is distilled here in Harris, matured by our shores and bottled in the distillery by local staff. Bottle by bottle, drop by drop, we are beginning to introduce a new whisky region of Scotland to the world, the spirit of Outer Hebrides draws closer and cannot wait to share it with the world.

As the social distillery, we want to build a company that has Harris deeply held in her heart so the island is not only enriched, but grows with us for decades and even centuries to come, always helping to spread the spirit of Harris to the world.

Customer Approach

As a small and independent distillery connection is important to us so we only sell directly. This allows us to control all aspects of our production and ensure a strong, positive connection with our customers. We seek to build real bonds which are consistent with our belief that a real relationship is more valuable than one that exists only on paper.
The creation of exceptional spirit is a long-term, complex process and not one which promises instant gratification. Thankfully islanders are naturally patient people…

Isle of Harris Distillery Import

True connections are so important to us that we prefer to bring our products directly to you. If a personal visit is not possible, you will find a selection of our products range available below. For the full range please visit
Isle of Harris gin gift set
A curated gift set to provide the basic elements for savouring the smooth taste of Harris Gin with a favourite friend. Our beautiful bottle of Isle of Harris Gin is accompanied by two hand-crafted matching glasses to ensure the perfect serve is made with style. Presented in bespoke gift box packaging. Contains One bottle of the Isle of Harris Gin Two hand-crafted glasses
Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water
Sugar Kelp Organic grain alcohol
incl. 21.0% taxes
Isle of Harris Gin Glass
incl. 21.0% taxes
Isle of Harris Gin, 1 Bottle
Our gin embodies the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris and promises a smooth and complex maritime drinking experience. The unique balance of local, hand-gathered Sugar kelp combined with eight carefully chosen botanicals speaks of our deep connection with the sea.
incl. 21.0% taxes